Mirada Haus

Location: Palos Verdes

Inside this incredible Cape Cod home with three-hundred-sixty degree views of the peninsula, Lester created a palette that was rooted in complimenting the surrounding landscape.

Curated art and vintage pieces are infused with textural elements and mixed metals to create depth while keeping the overall feel sophisticated. The spaces are collected and unique but still feel livable and comfortable enough to entertain family and guests.

The clients, who are retired and looking to enjoy their golden years in this beautiful property close to family, wanted their home to reflect their journey and their individual personalities as well. “Bespoke items are sprinkled throughout the home that tell a tale of the people who live there” Lester says. “It’s the most important thing to me about every home we help create… the story of the family who resides within those walls. It’s so much more interesting than blindly decorating. We always design with purpose and intention.”