Homestead Haus

Location: Manhattan Beach

Or “triangle house” as it was called in the design studio- this home was designed on a triangular corner lot- and proved to be a unique exploration into using space with intention, and creating something new that feels like it’s always been there.

Sourcing vintage pieces, adding original accents from our client’s youth, and bringing in materials selected for durability were only part of the design process. The rest was about keeping the home from feeling too kitschy. “It was important to me that home felt classic and timeless. Curated and collected.” Says Lester. “We stayed away from trends and went with what felt clean and simple. Livable. Comfortable. Family-Friendly without a lot of extras. I mean, isn’t that what you think of when you think of a farmhouse to begin with?” Special pieces like heirloom china cabinets and beds were refinished and worked into the design because they had been handed down and were of the utmost importance to the clients. “As a designer, it’s my job to edit yes, but editing is not throwing everything old away! Sometimes by putting a new stain or hardware on a vintage piece it can be worked into the new design direction. I’d much rather the pieces we include were meaningful and told a story… so that’s when we hunker down and get creative.”