Hacienda Haus

Location: Manhattan Beach

Settled on a hilltop in one of the most coveted neighborhoods of the South Bay- this home is a true Modern Spanish Revival. “Wanting to stay true to the Spanish Architecture, but also modernizing the look and feel was an important part of this undertaking.” Says Lester. It’s not always about ripping everything out and starting over. Sometimes it’s about honoring what makes a home unique, embracing those elements and using them as the basis for your design directive.”

Textural plasters, warm oak tones, and rich marbles compliment the Spanish architecture, and allow more of a contemporary feel to come through in the clean lined details.

“You have to embrace the architecture of the home, and it does have to play a part in the design.” Says Lester “Of course we always put our own spin on it to tell a story- but the Architecture is such an important part of the design process.”

Hacienda kitchen