Bedroom Makeover (Spendless-Edition)

A spendless bedroom makeover is a great idea during this time! Although you all know I tend to spend on amazing and thoughtful furniture/accessories, I also LOVE giving spaces a refresh by re-working what you already have. (And I have actually been doing this A LOT during quarantine at my house.) I don’t know about you, but it gives me a little thrill that I can re-work something and breathe new life into a space without spending a dime. Also- this is the kind of “re-design” my husband will actually get behind! See some of my favorite tips and tricks below for minimum spend and maximum results!

Start Over: Remove all of your lamps, art and accessories, put them in a pile, and start over. If you are really brave you can take things from other rooms and re-style a few rooms at once. It is amazing how switching up a few pieces of art, decorative accents, and books etc can give a space a whole new look!

Get Organized: While you have this time at home, use it to create systems that will help you stay organized when life gets hectic again. Pull everything out and organize all of your drawers and closet. While you are doing this, make sure you create a place for everything. How much better will your bedroom look when you can actually SEE the chair in the corner since because it is no longer covered in clothes?!

Rotate & Rework: Swap out your nightstands with those in another room, or even with the end tables you have in your living room. The change in scale and color may just inspire you to re-accessorize (see tip above)! Add a decorative box or tray for added storage without a using a drawer.

Add a Rug: I am always surprised at how many people with hardwood floors don’t have rugs in their bedrooms. Nothing adds warmth, dimension, and texture like a good rug- and what’s better than feeling that softness underfoot first thing in the morning?! Pro tip- Make sure all of your furniture pieces are anchored with at least one or two legs on the rug. It will make everything look cohesive and will actually make the space feel larger.

Reverse & Rework: Breathe life into your existing bedding by turning it over. Most duvets are double sided, so give your duvet a flip and see what’s on the other side. Is it a lighter color, darker? You can also swap out your duvet for a quit or coverlet you may have lying around in another room. Play around with how your bedding is layered, and rearrange or swap pillows/pillow covers. This is such an instant bed makeover that immediately makes the space feel updated and fresh!

Change That Layout: Chances are when you moved in, you probably put your bed where the last people had theirs, or wherever was the most convenient spot that day. Well, now you have time to re-think everything. Is your bed blocking a window with a great view or natural light? Would the space feel larger or more welcoming with the headboard on another wall? Have fun and take some chances, moving your furniture around is not only a great way to make your bedroom look better, it’s also a workout- so get on it!

Get a Headboard Facelift:  I used to have an upholstered headboard I was totally sick of. (see above) One day I grabbed a vintage kantha cloth I had in another room, and draped it over the headboard. The added color, texture and pattern completely changed the feel of the whole room and it only took me 10 minutes with something I already had! (Hello, that’s good for your pocketbook AND the environment!) I can’t wait to see how you guys do, so be sure to tag me in your rearranged spaces on the ‘gram! @klinteriors Good luck and happy rearranging!   xo k.

Kate Lester Interiors