The Work-From-Home Edit

So at this point, if you are breathing, you are probably working from home… and more than likely your home office/temporary desk space sucks. Don’t fret. I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips and tricks to make your WFH space a little less frat house and a lot more four seasons.

photo: Lauren Pressey

ENGAGE YOUR SENSES: When you sit down with your coffee to get to work in the morning, light a candle. Like, a good candle. Something that is fresh and invigorating. The goal is to create an environment that stimulates productivity and creativity, so why not take advantage of working in a place where an open flame is encouraged!

STAY ORGANIZED: Take this time at home to make sure everything has a place so everything can STAY in its place. (Sidenote: this is applicable in every room of your house.) With everyone at home together it’s easy for the wheels to fall off and for things to get chaotic. Invest in some chic canisters and containers for office supplies and pens. Staying organized will make it easier for everyone to put things away at the end of the day… and a tidy home is always less stressful.

photo: Amy Bartlam.

ADD ART & ACCESSORIES: Just because you are working from home, it doesn’t mean your WFH space can’t be interesting. Adding in art and decorative accessories that are meaningful to you, will make the space more welcoming and inspire creativity. Reminder- you are much more likely to be productive in a space where you feel comfortable.

CHANGE YOUR SCENERY: If you can, take advantage of your new WHF life and take your laptop or a notebook outside to your patio or balcony. Get some fresh air, and remind yourself that this is WAY better than making small talk with your co-worker Karen about her 40 cats in the breakroom.

BRING THE OUTSIDE IN: Plants and florals make people happy, and we can all use a little more happiness these days. Also, greenery makes a space feel more alive and adds dimension and texture. So gather some greens and your favorite vase and take a 15 minute “flower arranging” break. Between this and the candle, working from home may be suddenly more luxurious than your previous cubicle life.

photo: Lauren Pressey

BUY STUPID SH*T: Ok, you may think I am crazy, but I only use ONE type of pen. I also like white binder clips (not black) and have a marble stapler, and matte black steel scissors. Obviously I am insane, but I say if buying pretty office supplies makes you happy, then throw them in your virtual cart. You do you with those inspirational quote post it notes. If makes you feel better, then buy it and werk it.

MULTI TASK: I am sitting here, writing this entire blog post with a pair of cucumber under-eye patches on. Can someone please tell me what is better than working while having a moment of self-care? See if you’ll be able to do that when you are back in the office without Jim from accounting giving you the side eye as he walks by.

1.)dish & tray set 2.)flower arranging book 3.)canisters 4.)wood tray 5.)vase 6.)wick trimmer & snuffer set 7).art print 8.)oriental noir candle 9).acacia wood canisters 10).leather & linen pillow.

Lastly, before you have the inevitable Groundhog Day meltdown, try to take a second and remember that working from home is a luxury that doctors, nurses, firemen, garbage collectors, policemen, delivery peeps and grocery store employees don’t have, so light a candle and get a grip.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay HOME. xo k.

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