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It’s almost summer, so that means a new round of product from all of our favorite vendors, and most recently our friends at Essentials for Living. We’ve been working with them for a few years now (Ever since we realized they had the same obsession with woven chairs that I do.) I mean, come on- look at these!

So obviously when we found out Essentials for Living was combining their more contemporary and transitional product under one brand and one website, our whole team did a little happy dance. Hello, can you say ease in tear-sheets and ordering?! Not to mention they have a killer trade program with a team dedicated to making designers lives easier.  When a company is forward thinking, has quality product at a great price-point AND is a partner to interior designers, integrating the pieces is really a no-brainer. 

Remember that fab sideboard I posted about last week? The killer one with the raised diamond pattern door panels and removable wine rack from Essentials for Living? Ok, it’s called the Atlas Sideboard and it’s fab. So, when EFL asked us to share how we would use it in a project with our readers, I honestly couldn’t decide. Should we anchor it with statement art? Should we give it a more natural collected feel that showcases the beautiful oak finish?! It was a true design dilemma. Before finally settling on a look for our Hermosa Beach project entryway, we styled it twice and loved it so much we shot it to share with you guys!

Look number one is actually look number one because we put this look together first. Our client needed a place to store grocery bags, sandals, dog leashes that would keep them out of sight of her very mean designer who comes over a lot. So, we started with the Atlas Sideboard as our anchor. It gives her plenty of storage and the diamond pattern adds a contrast in texture and dimension and keeps it from feeling to dining-room-ish. The stainless detail keeps it chic, and to balance it out we added an oversized vintage framed print. In case you didn’t know, green is the new black, so of course this was our vibe here, and our hand-made Justine Lamp pulls the muted green from the art and draws your eye down to the detail on the console. We added in some found accessories (hello fabulous vintage glove mold!) a vintage Turkish runner, and voila the look was complete! Now, when said designer pops over unannounced, everything will have a place in its new home in the entry! 

Look number two came about later because I have a solid obsession with neutral right now. Just give me ALL of the bleached oak, linen, and natural woven textures. I wanted to create a vignette that felt effortless and collected. (By the way, this takes actual effort, getting this whole “effortless” look just so you know. You have no idea how many times I placed these sandals before we got it right.) The structure in the Angora Striped Runner draws your eye to the Atlas Sideboard, and plays off the linear elements in the diamond pattern. I added in a row of hats, because if you are me, this is actually very functional by the front door, and hats are décor too.  Florals with more structure keep it from feeling too sweet, and a hand-made framed linen Pray For Surf banner gives the look a little signature Kate Lester flair.

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