Organized (+ chic) kids spaces

If you’re like me, you are probably struggling how to wrangle all of your kids toys, crafts, and school supplies while everyone is at home during quarantine. (Um hello- I want my dining table back!) A few weeks ago, when I had just about had it, I decided to create a (cheap + cheerful) storage system for my five year old daughter for all of the toys and crafts she uses the most. As you can see, not only is it functional, but it’s really chic, and ties in perfectly with the rest of her existing room decor.

Visually appealing kids storage systems are few and far between, so for her room I decided to create my own. I purchased these kid-size bookcases from Target, as well as the ivory coil baskets with leather trimmed handles. I purchased (4) small and (2) large. Then I added black chalkboard/rope tags that I labeled with a chalk pen. For Like Ever print is by Super Rural, woven rug & bedding is from Target, Bed is World Market, and Surfer Girl print is by Joe Vickers.

If you are ready to get organized in your kids spaces, here are a few of my tips and tricks to creating organization systems that will set you up for success… (and won’t break the bank, or make your eyes bleed).

Make sure the pieces jive with your existing décor. I went with the white and wood bookcases because she has another white piece of furniture and various wood accents throughout. I selected two bookcases first, then found those great knit bins in various sizes.

Stay away from clear or perforated bins. It just gets too busy and looks like a mess. A solid bin gives the appearance of everything being perfectly organized even if it’s not!

Keep it low. If you expect them to be able to play on their own, then make sure everything is at arms length. Of course I wanted to make a fancy built-in piece but then she wouldn’t be able to reach any of it!

Sort + seperate. Separate toys by category and label the bins. I used those super simple black wooden tags, and labeled them with a chalk pen.

Keep the bins small and light. I went with knit coil bins with leather handles from target and they are light and easy to lift.

Light and labeled bins can go anywhere in the house. So when it’s time for movie night with mom and dad, sometimes she’ll get bored and bring out a bin of blocks and start playing. I think it’s encouraging her independence and I like that.

At night EVERYTHING goes back. That’s right. Back into it’s designated bin, and then back into the shelf- and just like that the toys are ALL in her room and not all over the rest of the house where you can step on a rogue lego in the middle of the night.

Happy Organizing! xo k.

Kate Lester Interiors