Manhattan Beach Project Reveal

Ok, so I am a little behind on this one. We actually completed this project about two months ago, but things have been so crazy that I am only now getting around to putting the reveal up on the blog. First and foremost, can I just say… OHMYGAWD I love this house.

The people who live here are the sweetest family. They are a little Cape Cod traditional and a little California Chic, so we worked our KLI magic, and what was born was the lovechild of these two styes and now I want to move in and just sleep in this entry because I am so obsessed.

If you would have seen the house before, you would have died. Yellow walls, rust colored carpets. Very 90’s-00’s hip, but totally ready for a re-do. We bleached the dark floors, opened up the dining and living room, and painted the walls and ceilings Simply White (by Benjamin Moore) throughout.

To add a bit of contrast and east coast sophistication we painted all of the trim and doors this perfect gray-ish taupe color (Cliffside Gray by Benjamin Moore). Our clients were totally game for this and I love it. In the Dining Room we went rogue and papered the walls blue, then added these totally random green velvet chairs. They are not what you would expect for this space, which is exactly what we were going for here.

Oh, and how about that small original watercolor framed in a massive mat? You can tell we were feeling very hip the day we designed this space.

Can we just have a quick talk about rooms that are my MOSTFAVORITEEVERINMYLIFE? Because this office is up there on the list. The grasscloth, the beadboard paneling, the vintage rug, YASSS! I love that it’s warm and textural but simple and sophisticated as well. This room used to be red and white with carpet BTW.

In the Family Room & Kitchen we focused on clean lines and classic materials. Mixing in vintage and found objects was key in these spaces to keep if from feeling too trendy, beachy, or decorated.

Oversized pendants are never a bad choice in the kitchen, in case you were wondering. I wonder if I will ever tire of using bridge faucets? Probably not.

This chandelier below is made from reclaimed driftwood. Layered texture without too much distraction was key here to give the room depth. Also, please note that one set of patio doors has woven shades, and one has drapes. We did this on purpose because one set is used more frequently. It’s a good reminder to all of our readers that everything doesn’t always have to match and that some design rules are made to be broken!

No one actually does laundry in this Laundry Room. It’s just too chic. Just kidding, they have to wash their clothes, so I am assuming they use it every once and a while.

This is a teenage girl’s bathroom. Raise your hand if she is cooler than you. (Raising hand.)

Teen boy- also cooler than you because he has this awesome window over his vanity and that floor is to die for.

This killer vignette below is not in a hallway or entry. It’s INSIDE the Master Bath. I love the juxtaposition of the contemporary art layered over the more traditional wall paneling. Plus, who doesn’t want fantastic oversized contemporary art in their bathroom? Please put art in unexpected spaces, it instantly makes the room feel more alive.

I knew these were fabulous clients when getting rid of this window over the master vanity was not even a discussion. I have always wanted to put a window over a vanity but no one will let me. (Apparently having mirrors in a bathroom is “more important”.) Well, now everyone can see that it’s totally perfect and fabulous and unique and makes this room unbelievably cool.

I told you you would fall madly in love with this house and try to move in. Was I right? Moral of the story here is that a little white paint goes a LONG way, windows over bathroom vanities are totally on point, and green velvet is ALWAYS a good idea. Thanks for following along, now go hang some chic art in unexpected spaces and make me proud.

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